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Company Overview

Projelogic.Ltd is a consulting team focus on optimizing business performance and specialized in internet project management.

We deliver expert project management services to help organizations and its people perform to maximum potential. Our mission is to support our clients rapidly and visibly and improve performance and projects, resulting in efficiency and profitability.

If you do not have a Project Management Office (PMO) or Project Managers, you can hire our services on a project basis or full time basis to support you with your Project Management requirements.

Internet projects demand vast variety of skills: programmers and application developers, database administrators, marketing, art and web designers, UI architecture, and back office support. It’s not enough for a person or a group to be in possession of one portion of the project and then let someone else the task to put it all together. Multi-discipline team need to work together to define a whole solutions that maximize the technology’s’ potential. At Projelogic we do it for you. Our team of project managers can take this roll and help manage your team and lead them to success.

"Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, And techniques to project activities to meet project requirements”
(PMBOK, 2005)

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